About Us

“Existo Optimus Vel Inter Optimus”

                                       TO BE THE BEST OR AMONGST THE BEST

By remaining entirely focused on our client’s needs we are able to respond with the most effective and efficient solutions possible.

A key benefit of this focus and dedication is our clear understanding of the importance of getting it right. Within Symphony, there is a genuine belief that we must constantly strive to achieve perfection through flexibility, innovation, procedural enhancement, relationship building and hard work.

We truly believe that it is better to offer an outstanding level of service to a few clients rather than a mediocre service to many. Whilst Symphony obviously needs to grow and develop, we do not have aspirations to become the biggest, just to try and be the best or amongst the best.

Our company and all that we do is based on three core values:

“That our clients are uncompromising in their demand for the highest possible standards of service at all times”

In doing so, we can achieve a mutual understanding of each other’s objectives, priorities and expectations. Such understanding breeds rapport and trust, the basis of a true synergy that inspires us to provide the best service we possibly can. This synergy motivates our suppliers and affiliates to excel in every aspect of their service and instils our clients with the confidence and peace of mind they seek. On this basis, we can manage our clients’ projects with as much or as little intervention as they seek, making their lives easier

“That it is imperative to develop strong professional relationships with our clients and suppliers alike”

Symphony is not simply a reservations agent – we aim to add value for all of our clients at every stage of the purchase, reservation and service cycle to ensure we deliver the most effective chauffeur drive solutions we possibly can.

“That for every service we provide, there are three clients differing priorities and needs must all be addressed in concert”

  1. The passenger travelling, who expects an impeccably clean, late model vehicle driven by a competent, professional and immaculately presented chauffeur with a flair for service and a strong sense of initiative.
  2. The service organiser who needs immediate, 24-hour access to their Symphony coordinator (rather than an automated telephone menu or on-hold music that leads to a random reservations agent), rapid and accurate reservation administration with a choice of communication formats, batched invoices that are simple to reconcile and a proactive approach to the analysis, planning and implementation of their requirements.
  3. The corporate purchasing professional who seeks to secure favourable commercial terms, a competitive rate structure and who must conduct due diligence to ensure the supplier is compliant with relevant legislative and insurance requirements.


Heathrow International Trading Estate,
Green Lane, London
Phone: 020 8756 0004
Fax: 020 8589 0804
Website: www.s-coaches.com
Email: info@s-coaches.com


We are not brokers but registered and certified Operators by the Public Carriage Office and VOSA
PCO Operator Licence No: 6897/01/02
PSV Operator Licence No: PK1112808